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Thinking on my drive home about the need to get a job – it’s come up twice today that my funding runs out in a few months. Not even sure how to go about it; I haven’t ever really looked for a job before. But it seems a little foolhardy to sit around hoping someone will drop an opp in my lap (just because it always worked before…) so I suppose I should start… um… looking at stuff like people do when they look for jobs.

Heck, I don’t even know where WE advertise when we have a position. Other than those ads in the back of journals, I mean, which always seems a little like the ads in the back of Rolling Stone magazine where anything might go…

Maybe I’ll try a little networking and see if someone wants to save me the trouble of actually looking for work. Sigh. I should think about stuff like this when I haven’t actually seen patients until 8 PM, and have a bit more energy.

Also realized that I’ll see my parents and brother in just over a week, so it’s probably time to go buy them Christmas presents. Inspiration, I need you!


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