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“never-finished syndrome”


I was going to present this spiffy new tool to my colleagues Friday AM. Part of the fun would be saying “and this is finished, so you can have it RIGHT NOW instead of waiting six months like you usually have to.”

Then I had this … inspiration. The tool could be so much better than I’d made it. The version I’d made was clearly a big improvement on what we had before, but it could be better still… with some major re-programming.

So I’ve spent the week programming madly and cussing over the fact that it’s not going fast enough for me to be able to present the finished product to the group in two days. Sigh. I’ll have something to show them, just not enough…

Hopefully I don’t fall prey to this “never-finished” syndrome where I keep thinking of ways it could get better, and hence never actually put anything out into action.


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