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Whudda day.

So…. had the sort of afternoon where I found myself really appreciating my own life. Lotsa other people have it far, far worse than I! Also had one of those “what are the chances of that” kind of day – two patients in a row whose problems turned out to be unintended pregnancy, both people whose health wouldn’t make a pregnancy easy, and whose life situations won’t make a pregnancy (or a child) at all easy to deal with. Sigh. My heart went out to both. Makes me think of friends who have tons to offer a child, and aren’t able to have one – life’s not fair, sometimes.

Also lost (part of) my keys today. Not sure how. Must’ve had them when I left the house because I did lock the door. But then a few hours later after three meetings in three different locations, realized my keychain felt too light and realized I still had carkey, cell phone, and the key to Keith’s car, but no other keys. On what appeared to be an intact keyring. No luck with retracing my steps. Odd, must be one of those quantum things?

Demo’d a new form I’d revised for our clinic in the faculty meeting this AM. Revisions based on a set of comments I’d gathered from the group about a month ago. My change addressed every one of those comments, which was nice. The main result in the meeting? A whole new set of even more ambitious requests. How will I get the computer to give them foot massages while they fill out this form, anyway? Main result after the meeting was over: over half of the faculty found the chance to approach me privately and thank me effusively for the changes I made. That felt good.

Now if I can get someone to hire me to do this for a living…


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