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Eating healthy, as opposed to dieting.

has been talking recently about healthy eating. This is a topic I muse on often, since I don’t do it all that well myself and I’m supposed to be able to guide other people in the subject.

My primary problem, and that of many of the people I talk to, is that I don’t have lots of free time and only enjoy cooking sometimes.

An additional problem is that I cook for my sweetie as well, and he’s prone to want to eat the junk I shouldn’t be eating. In principle he wants to eat well; in practice he instinctively chooses the junk food. So if we order chinese, I suggest chicken with veggies and he counter-proposes something that involves bits of deep-fried meat slathered in high-sugar sauce.

There’s actually a lot of decent convenience diet food out there, fr’ex healthy choice, south beach, and weight watchers frozen dinners. But, like , I am not willing to think about weight loss right now. There’s a real need for “quick food” (frozen dinners and the like) which is low-sugar, low-fat, rich in protein and complex carbs, and not reduced-calorie.

I did just work out, which is a step in the right direction.


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