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Well, after a frantic day of packing and trying to wrap up Friday’s work before 2 PM when we were due to leave for the airport (which included a meeing in which one of my most promising job prospects fell apart in front of my eyes when the relevant department learned their 2006 budget would be cut by 15% – boo), we then cooled our heels in the airport for a few extra hours until the Atlanta weather cleared up enough to let people fly there. As a result we dragged in late and slept not long enough.

Not long enough, that is, for the Saturday we had today. Started with a breakfast date at 8, followed by heading to my nephews’ basketball game immediately after. My oldest nephew, the hyperactive one who tugs my heartstrings because everyone’s yelling at him all the time, managed to be the star of the game, which I think will be great for his self-confidence. Apparently he hadn’t even scored all season, then today he managed to grab a rebound and get it in the basket (of course his parents and grandmother missed it because they were busy chatting). This gave him a surge of confidence that led to a couple more baskets and success on 1 of 2 freethrows, which made him the top scorer in a game that ended at an amazing 22 to 24 score. Those baskets are really high up when you’re 8 years old…

So this was just the start of the day … more relatives came rolling in, we grabbed lunch and took public transpo downtown, walked a half-mile in freezing weather to spend three hours running madly through the Atlanta Aquarium, which is very cool. Very cool. Did I mention it is cool? I got given the particular fun of chasing after the hyperactive nephew, mostly because it meant he could actually have fun without people yelling at him all the time, and thus didn’t sit down even for a moment the whole time. Then the walk back to the train, in weather that had gotten even colder as the sun set, with the nephew who still wanted to race to every stoplight (hey, kid, didn’t you just play 4 quarters of basketball and then run around the aquarium for three hours? Why aren’t you sacked out asleep like your brothers?) and I chased after him, which means I got a pretty decent cardio workout in…

We all staggered out for dinner at one of those salad/pasta/potato/soup/pizza/bread/dessert bar places, adding a full stomach to my list of reasons to be somnolent, then staggered back home again. So not it’s 10:30 PM, which is 9:30 my time, and I feel like I’m ready to sleep for a week.

Boy, I bet this suppresses Keith’s desire to have kids for a while…

Cool stuff: I’ve been getting to know my aunt’s husband a bit better and am more and more impressed with him. She’s had a tough life in many ways and it really pleases me that she has ended up with such a great guy. Each seems happiest when the other is around. He’s the owner of an auto shop, and a former racecar driver, which means he knows all kinds of stuff about things I know very little about, and he’s amazingly modest about both his auto expertise and his driving skills. He and my aunt are as cute together as a pair of teenagers. It warms my heart.

Well, time to sleep now. Or canoodle a bit…


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