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So I’ll remember

It looks like K. will be asking for tonight’s culinary adventure again, so I better write down what I did so I’ll remember it again:

Hm… involved a skillet, a slow-cooker, and a pasta pot. In the skillet, I browned a pack of sliced mushrooms, a bag of chopped onion, and a bunch (maybe 5?) of boneless chicken thighs that were sliced and pounded until they were about a half-inch thick or less. Used olive oil for browning. The chicken had garlic powder, salt and pepper sprinkled on it before browning. After each of these was fully cooked it got tossed into the slowcooker which was set on medium. Then put a cup of chicken broth into the pan, brought to a boil to get all the nice browned chicken stuff off the pan, then put in 8 oz cream cheese. Once cream cheese melted, tossed in a bag of chopped spinach, stirred until this was all creamy, and poured over the chicken, mushrooms, and onion in the slowcooker. This simmered for a while while I cooked up some linguini (mushroom flavored, but that’s not really noticable. Egg noodles would probably work fine) and then the mess was ladled over the noodles to serve. bread and sweet potato on the side… tastes pretty good. For myself I’d have added some cooking sherry but that would be a downer for K, who doesn’t like wine of any sort.

There, now when he asks for that chicken spinach cheese thing again I’ll know what to do!


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