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So in the light of trying to keep track of what I do with my time…

Yesterday I… um… um…. What the heck did I do yesterday? Oh, yeah. All morning long meeting with review committee for conference abstracts, letting myself be roped into manning a “meet the expert” table at the conference breakfast (seems to be the plan for getting people to actually show up in time to be at the keynote speech after breakfast), smirking as one of the committee members ACTUALLY SAID “I think we should only accept this abstract if they agree to cite the paper I wrote 20 years ago on something relating to this subject”, then somehow agreeing to have lunch with same person, who turns out to be pleasant company when she’s not pimping her own work…

Met with someone to try to figure out IRB requirements for proposed study on persuasive messaging. Spent another 30 min on phone finding out how to get around the restrictions the first person told me about. Puttered around with the database for… far too long… trying to generate some numbers that would let us make power calculations for said study proposal. Emailed a dozen people setting up stuff for various projects over the next few weeks.

Read a book “Understanding Variation: the Key to Managing Chaos”. Unfortunately, it’s neither a useful source of information about how to run my own life better, nor is it an interesting treatise on complexity mathematics. Instead, it seems to be 158 pages of telling people how to do simple univariate statistics without admitting to them that it’s statistics. Let’s just say it was a fast read. MDA sent me a large stack of reading to finish off in the next two weeks – the rest are all papers rather than books, let’s hope they’re a bit meatier.

What else did I do yesterday? Must’ve been more…

Anyway, today I sat through a 3-hour class, met with people about study design (I think it’s finally shaping up), took care of some mundane paperwork, worked on a proposal draft, researched freeware automated telephone call software (if this career doesn’t work out I suppose I could become a telemarketer or run for office or something…) and got up the courage to send an email to my department chair asking for a meeting about my continued employment in the dept. Meeting is Fri AM – so by Fri PM I will either be really happy, rather depressed, or (most likely) still in limbo…

Have a weird commuting schedule on Wednesdays that involve driving to a shopping center lot that happens to have a nice central bus stop, catch bus to med center, walk from appt to appt at the med center, catch bus back to car, then drive to workout and then home. Was headed to my bus stop today, saw bus about a block behind me on the road, was trying to race it to the bus stop and realized how very silly this all was – who drives their car to the bus stop???

Shopped for something to hang my cell phone from now that the little clip it came with broke – found a sort of chain thingie with a carabeener (sp?) on one end and a sticky thing at the other – stick it onto the phone and presto, I can once again clip my phone to the lanyard I use for my keys. Stopped by to purchase shampoo. Yeah, I know, pretty boring. Treated myself to a bottle of some sort of fancy water that had apple flavoring and vitamins in it. Tasted like a Flinstone’s vitamin.

Worked out at the gym this evening and had my weekly “date” with Keith at Souper Salads, now am going to try to slog through another of these articles from MDA before bed.

Yup, another exciting day in the life of Tubin.


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