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Shoes, glorious shoes

We decided that if we treated ourselves to a treadmill now instead of waiting for our birthdays (Aug and Sept), we’d be able to gift ourselves with improved fitness by the time of our birthdays.

So we got the thing delivered and I’ve been trying to use it.  Trying, but not really succeeding, because I kept having painful leg cramps when I tried to move any faster than a sort of enthusiastic saunter.

Noting that my shoes were fairly worn, I braced myself for the trauma of shoe shopping.  My usual routine is to go to the biggest source of gym shoes I can find (here in Houston, that’s a place called Academy sports) and try on every shoe in the place, and buy the pair that’s least uncomfortable. Yeah, I have mutant feet, why do you ask?

So today, in the course of an unrelated errand, I noticed a pair of running shoes on the clearance rack.  Hmmm.  Decent brand, amazing price.  Tried them on, they fit better than any pair I’ve tried in several years.  And did I mention the “amazing price” thing?

They had five pairs of shoes that, although they were in a variety of weird colors ranging from pink/black to bright orange, were the same size and style.  I bought them all.  Now am sitting peacefully with legs that are nicely tired but NOT cramped, and feeling smug about the fact that I don’t have to buy shoes again for a couple of years….

’tis the small pleasures of which a good life is composed.


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