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CiaraCat was talking about junk mail that seems to target the vulnerable – an issue that doubly pisses me off, since first I dislike being subjected to advertisement in the first place, and second I am offended by ads that try to get a sale by misrepresentation of any sort.

So one response that gets bandied about is to mail them back their own postage-paid envelopes, which gives them the cost of paying for delivery and paying someone to open the envelope.  Stuffing the envelope with something (shredded mail, old kleenex, etc) just makes the point more strongly.

When there’s no postage-paid envelope, what do you do?

At work, I’ve been playing around with some open-source, free software that effectively works as a PBX – allows you to set up automated phone calls at pre-determined times, to a list of phone numbers.

Would be (vaguely) entertaining to set up such a system on an unused line somewhere and use it to lash back at companies that use unsavory advertising techniques.  Could record a message about how upset you were to receive un-ethical materials from the company, and then whenever you get an ad you don’t like, put in the contact number and set the program to call with that message every 10 minutes for a few days.

Wonder if that’s illegal?


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