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Call irritation…

Call is really not easier when the call service is incompetent.  After a long stretch of no calls I contacted them to see what was up.  “Oh, we’ve paged you five times, didn’t you get them?” …no, and since my pager keeps a record of the calls it received, I feel confident I truly didn’t get them, as opposed to just sleeping through them or something.  “Oh, that explains why someone else was calling us and telling us we have the wrong person!”  Um… and you didn’t bother to call my home number to figure out why that was happening? And you act surprised that I didn’t get the pages, when you had proof already they’d gone to someone else?

They read off my pager number to me; they had two numbers transposed.  What’s weird is they were paging me successfully yesterday, and got another through this AM – but they claim they’re using an automated system, so I can’t assume they have a dyslexic operator causing all the fuss.

Result after catching up on all the calls I missed: one of them was a valid thing to call about.  The others were people who had their symptoms earlier in the week but simply couldn’t be bothered to do anything about them until Saturday morning.  I told them to continue the things they’d been doing all week, come see us during business hours Monday, and go to an urgent care center over the weekend if they simply couldn’t stand to wait until Monday.

Perhaps I’m unreasonable. To me, people who call a doctor after-hours entirely because of convenience are incredibly rude, and I feel very little motivation to go out of my way to make their lives easier. 

Sigh.  First night of weekend call down; two more to go… Monday morning can’t come fast enough…


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