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Call irritation, part trois

So, I walked into clinic this afternoon (i started at lunchtime) and the nurse manager of the clinic approached and said “I hear you had a nice call last night!”

My first thought was that the call service had contacted her with an apology.  But, no, it turns out that a really pissed off psychologist was calling because her pager was going off all friggin’ long with calls for our clinic….

It just occurred to me that if I’d been clever, I could have paged that (transposed) number early in the weekend and told the recipient to call me directly if she was bothered again.  Then I’d have known to raise h*** with the call center earlier on.  On the other hand, the call center supervisor I spoke to Saturday never quite admitted that the number in her system was wrong, so I’d have been going out on a limb there.


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