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Ken Lay is dead

Yeah, I know everyone and his brother are commenting on that. I can’t help joining in.  Thoughts:

  • Natural death… or murder?  If he was going to die under the strain of it all, why not when the guilty verdict was first passed?  Alternative explanations might include suicide, or murder – is it harder for lawsuits to get their hands on money that’s been passed on to his wife?
  • Boy, I guess that gets someone out of the nasty job of figuring out how to sentence him.
  • Legal fees paid?  I bet his lawyer has invested a lot of hours in his civil and criminal suits, was it pay-as-you-go?
  • Will the public now turn to Skilling as the demon du jour, since their favorite whipping boy is gone?
  • I can’t find anything on the web about it, but supposedly one of the Colorado papers had a headline “God pardons Ken Lay”.  Snicker.

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