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Bachelor night at the store

I stopped at the grocery on Thursday night – I was in the mood for something fresh for dinner.  Standing in line with my little basket of veggies and meat, I observed the customers around me.  The four other people in my line were young men between the ages of 20 and 35 (I’m guessing).

Bachelor #1 was buying:  Two large boxes of Wheaties.  A jug of milk.  A half-gallon of ice cream.
Bachelor #2 was buying: Two foot-long premade sandwiches.  Two 2-liter bottles of diet Coke. A bag of corn chips.
Bachelor #3 was buying: Large box “success” brand rice. Large-size can of something (couldn’t quite see what).  Large bottle generic cola.
Bachelor #4 was buying: Bottle wine.  Two packs beer. Box Hamburgur helper (no actual meat – assume he has some at home?)

Made me wonder what bachelors ate 100 years ago, before there was so much pre-packaged sustenance food available…


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