Out of context tunes…

In the background is playing some lovely piano by Brahms.  Which is great, except that something kept triggering a “I know that song!” feeling in the back of my head.  It would follow perfectly my memory of the tune, and then suddenly veer off in the wrong direction – so I knew I wasn’t actually just remembering the Brahms piece.

Thought back on albums I recently listened to and realized I was hearing big bits of the song “Love of my Life” from Santana’s grammy-winning album Supernatural. OK, so that’s why I knew the tune.  Doesn’t look like Santana acknowledges Brahms anywhere on the album; Google tells me that many people found that offensive. I don’t suppose Brahms cares much, really – he’s dead and all.

No real point here, just feeling clever that I noticed it and bemused by how hard it was to place the song out-of-context like that.

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