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It’s happened.

I kind of knew when I embarked on the current career path that somewhere in there I’d start having people approach me about jobs (rather than the other way around). Thus far, the only flirting has happened locally, and with jobs that weren’t really more attractive than the one I already have.

Just had a head-hunter approach me about a pretty high-level position in a major corporation. The candidate description they sent fits me awfully well.  The job is out-of-state and probably wouldn’t allow for a clinical practice.

Suddenly I’m being faced with a fork in the road.  If I really want to make a top-tier career in my area, I should probably go for this job.  If I place my career secondary to other concerns – like living in a city I love, surrounded by people I love – it’s not as attractive of a job.

Sigh.  Soul-searching time…

Of course, it could turn out that there’s tons of people far more qualified than me for the job, and that I haven’t a snowball’s chance of getting it anyway.


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