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Who knew?

So I just got off the phone with ATT/SBC/Yahoo/whoevertheyare, setting up my new DSL account so I can blissfully dropkick roadrunner across the room.  Griped to the guy that I was reduced to working in coffeeshops.  The guy asks if he can sell me the service that lets me log into the AT&T hotspots (places like airports, and Barnes and Noble).

I hadn’t done so because, well, I feel like I should be supporting the businesses that give out wireless access for free.  But he tells me that the AT&T thing costs 2 bucks a month. 

Who knew?  I’d always assumed this would be a much more expensive service.  For under 25 bucks a year, which I’ll feel was worthwhile just for the chance to surf while waiting to get on flights at IAH?

Yay technology. 

Meanwhile, think I’ll pack up and relocate to a coffeeshop that has better music playing.


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