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“um… we sort of missed that part”

K’s birthday was last weekend and he dealt with it (as he does) by sitting down and engaging me in an long discussion about what things he wanted to accomplish over the next year.  Somewhere on the path of very pragmatic discussions about how we’ll handle getting the dying tree removed and the roof repaired and scheduling time for grant writing and so on, we found ourselves discussing the details of our wedding.  In the midst of putting together a plan for notifying our friends and family, I realised I was engaged. 

Ah, well, I guess I’m just not the “pick a romantic moment and surprise the heck out of me by getting on your knees and proposing” type.  At least this time, the words “Shit or get off the pot” didn’t enter into the discussion…

Also struck by how un-dramatic it feels. Happy, of course, but not particularly worked up or excited.  I’d already decided to spend my life with him, he seemed to feel the same, and getting married just seems like another step in that process. 

So probably will be posting random bits about planning a wedding over the coming months… I understand it’s a big task.  Last time, Mom did it all for me.  Hopefully she can share a few tricks!


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