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So sad to post a grumpy clinic post so soon after a nice one… I’m on call, at home but have the electronic medical record available to me.

A woman calls asking for a medication to be called in.  I see that she has been calling all week and my colleague (her primary care doctor) has told her multiple times that she needs to be seen in clinic before we give her any more medicine over the phone.  The woman launches into her explanation of her problem; when she pauses to take a breath I told her “I have all of Dr. W’s notes here in front of me, if that helps with our explanation”.  There’s a pause as she absorbs the fact that I’m aware she’s been told three times now that she can’t have this prescription, and that I’m aware she’s trying to go behind her doctor’s back to get something he recommended against. Then she says stiffly “I think this conversation is over”.  I agreed politely. 

Politeness is, after all, the camouflage for one’s real feelings, which in this case were… not complimentary.

On the bright side, I did finish a few tasks today and had a decently productive day.  Too bad the “to-do” list grows longer than the “done” list!


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