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When the weather gets cooler I find myself unable to resist wandering into the various area nurseries. 

Fortunately, over the years I’ve gotten better at recognizing how much I can do in a few hours, so I am not tempted to buy up hundreds of dollars of stuff that’ll die before I get it planted.

So today I bought sturdy-looking rosemary plants to replace several that have died.  The bed used to hold peppers in back and rosemary up front; the last of the peppers finally died after several years and I decided that the rosemary deserves the whole bed on its own.  It tends to grow forward towards the sun, so planting it at the back of the bed should give a better result anyway, right?

So dug out all the weeds and cut back the deadwood from the existing plants, then dug in four new bright shiny plants (6 inch pots, should be big enough to survive and establish well over the winter, then grow nicely next spring).  Laid down a layer of newspaper over the area between the plants as a weed barrier, then spread several inches of organic cypress mulch to cover the papers. 

Looks nice, and I feel accomplished. 

I also bought a few bright flowering perennials (mums, butterfly bush, lantana) for the space under my young maple tree.  So I will be forced to get back out and garden again tomorrow night – oh no, b’rer bear, don’t throw me into the briar patch!

On other fronts, I spent much of the day proofing a paper and pulling it into the proper format to submit to an asthma journal.  Wanted it submitted today but discovered I didn’t have certain info about my co-author… so it’s on a back burner while I’m waiting for that info.  Spent a little time pulling together some info to renew my hospital privileges and going over some other work-related stuff.  Probably need to put in a couple more hours this evening; despite putting in a full day there were things I didn’t get finished to my satisfaction.

On operation aescetic, I loaded up a bunch of stuff we never use into my car.  Hopped in to drive to the Goodwill to donate the stuff, and a block from my house the lens spontaneously popped out of my glasses.  Hard to drive like that.  Pulled over, fixed glasses, then arrived at the place 5 minutes after it had closed.  Sigh.  So I’ll try to take care of that stuff in the AM.

Spoke to a potential DJ for the wedding.  Talked a friend into being the minister for the wedding, and convinced him he didn’t want to wear tie-dye robes while doing so.  Still need to figure out invitations, flower-girl dresses, and the actual vows themselves.  But things are coming along.

Skipped working out – figured the hour of sweating in the garden, digging holes and hauling around 30-pound sacks of mulch was probably adequate.

Gee, it’s almost 9.  I should eat dinner.


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