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Creating a meme…

OK, in response to a flurry of people feeling yucky grumpy all at once on my flist, I decided to try to create a meme.

Here’s the challenge:

  • Pick a positive mood from the LJ list, such as “accomplished” or “excited”.
  • Define it or write down a few synonyms.
  • Write down five reasons why you ought to feel this way.
  • Spread the meme.

Hopeful : optimistic, expectant, promising, auspicious

  1. My boss was present last week at a meeting where the work I’d done was received well in a very public and effusive way.
  2. I figured out a tack to take for the thing that has to be finished by Tuesday
  3. A really good friend who’s been depressed seems to be feeling better – she invited me to lunch next week, which she only does if she’s feeling good.
  4. Someone I like and admire, but have never been close to, invited me for coffee – maybe she sees me as someone she’s like to know better
  5. K seems to be in a good mood this AM.  When he’s happy, I’m generally happy too.

Let’s see how this works….


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