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This is what a feminist looks like

An article in which the author asks various people on the street if they’d be willing to wear a t-shirt saying “This is what a feminist looks like”. 

Best quote:  ‘But isn’t carrying this slogan on a T-shirt encouraging men to stare at women’s chests? “It is a possible design flaw,” admits Rake. “But on the other hand, if they’re going to look at your chest anyway they may as well get a message at the same time, right?”‘

Makes me think about shiv5468‘s comments the other day about how empty rhetoric in support of a good cause is actually a good first step – if you get everyone saying the right things (even if they don’t believe them), then it creates an environment where people are gradually convinced to actually believe those things.  And kids grow up hearing the right things.

Random thoughts, random connections….


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