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posted some insightful thoughts recently about NaNoWriMo (or whatever it is).  She points out that where she is in her life, writing a novel would actually just distract her from other, more important goals in her life. 

follows on by suggesting DeCluApMo, which I’ve renamed DeCluHoMo – De Cluttering Home Month (originally Apartment).  This is a month for those of us who are so far behind on some really basic stuff that just clearing out all the stuff and creating a clean palatte for our minds is a victory. 

So this month I’ll focus on finishing clearing out my home so that I can uncover and finish the dozens of half-finished projects already scattered ’round the place.  Like the half-painted pottery, or the half-finished crocheted blanket, or the crocheted “rag rug” for the library, or the drawn-out-but-not-done projects for built-in storage in the spare bedroom and bookshelves in the den. 

Where writers set themselves word limits, perhaps followers of DeCluHoMo can mark their progress in bags of trash, boxes for goodwill, items posted on ebay, or stuff shipped off to someone else’s home… Or, unpacking boxes from their latest move, finishing up a home inventory, etc…

I’m currently suffering from a nasty cold.  Worst I’ve had in a few years.  Normally if I get a cold, I can be back on my feet within a couple of days, with the help of reasonable medications.  This time, I managed to be really incapacitated Saturday through today, and I’m becoming suspicious that tomorrow won’t be fun either. 

So I’ll start DeCluHoMo slow – I plan to ship boxes to two neices with fabric for their flower girl dresses.  We’ll see how I function at the post office – if I’m a miserable mess of snot and germs, I may not do a lot else.  But this clears out the piles of fabric, also the two cardboard boxes that have been batting around the house waiting to be useful for something. 

Yeah, OK, I know this seems trivial.  After this last week, just taking on any challenge is… well, a challenge.  (blows nose for the millionth time, then prepares to get on with life)


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