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ciaracat is kicking my butt for NaDeCluMo, which is very inspiring. Thurs/Fri are my difficult days because they’re days I’m in clinic all day, and today was unexpectedly busy. 

But, I’ll take credit for the decluttering associated with accomplishing stuff for the wedding.  The stack of “getting ready to mail invitations” clutter is now gone because the vast majority of the invitations are mailed.  The large pile of fabric taking up the end of the dining room table is cut in half because that fabric went to a seamstress who has been charged with creating dresses out of it. 

Went to an anniversary party tonight whose theme was wearing something you’d worn to a wedding in the past.  I wore the bridesmaid’s dress from my brother’s wedding – from circa 1995(?). Amazing it still fit… decided that the dress gets to be kept but the bow on the butt and the dyed-to-match shoes are now slated for the next Goodwill load.

And while I was gardening I threw away a bunch of old plastic pots that had collected in a couple of places around the yard.  Feel vaguely guilty about tossing them in the trash, since they’d be re-usable.  However, that’s why I didn’t throw them away in the first place over the years, and they’ve not been re-used.  Nor have I found them a good home.  So, into the dumpster… Decluttering the yard counts as part of this effort, I maintain.

Oh, and I have assembled a stack of books to “release” to next time I’m at a coffeeshop or other appropriate dropping-off point.

And cleared some junk out of my car.

Think that’s about it.


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