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Peripheral to NaDeCluMo

Streamlining one’s electronics helps reduce clutter, doesn’t it?

So something in our patched-together gamush of audio stuff is broken and causing distressing secondary noises when we try to listen to music.

Could replace the individual component that’s not working, of course, but perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.  We have a bunch of different components all patched together, all different brands, some only partially functional, many a decade old… perhaps it’s time to do some proactive replacement, end up with a single system that does it all.

But I’m feeling undereducated about my options, so this is a call for advice…

Things I like about the current system/would want in a new system:

  • remote control (would be nice to be down to one remote)
  • ability to select from more than one speaker array:  can listen in the front room, can add in or switch to the speakers in the library, have a slot to expand to another room if I want to.  So one stereo can serve the house
  • needs to have at least 6-CD changer. Could maybe enjoy more but Keith isn’t interested in one of those 300-CD changers or anything like that.  After all, that’d be only a fraction of his collection so he’d still have to trade out cds all the time. And he sort of enjoys reading the cd jacket info while listening, so not interested in making a big music server and putting all the original CDs into storage.
  • Went to a lot of trouble to string cable and mount surround-sound speakers.  Would be nice to use them.
  • Simple controls.  Which this doesn’t have.  Would love something with few enough buttons that my mother could figure out how to use it.

Questions I know too little about:

  • options for video.  Our current assembly had receiver/amp, secondary amp for the surround-sound speakers (which function as a component rather than using a speaker slot), dual cassette deck (never gets used, can jettison), CD changer, VCR/DVD player (DVD player seems to be broken), and television.  We don’t use the TV much right now, so its utility is in question.  But wondering if there’s value in a product that plays DVDs (with video) OR CDs, that could be used as audio system alone or used as AV system.
  • Integration with computer.  Currently have this lovely computer with a nice big screen (bigger/nicer than the TV), and its own (good-quality) speakers.  Mostly convinced that there’s not much added value to trying to integrate these resources but does anyone know something I don’t?

Also:  good local places to see a good selection at a good price?  Is Fry’s really a good deal, or is it all about selection, or is that place just a bunch of hype?

Anyway… input is desired and welcome.  We need to decide something sort of quickly since living without music is a sacrifice….


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