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NaDeCluMo notes

We worked on decluttering the roof yesterday afternoon… crawled around and cleaned out the gutters, which had gone so long they had several inches if earthworm-filled dirt in them and several sizeable shrubs taken root.  And chopped back most of the incursion of vine that had managed to grow up over the incoming power lines and form a sort of hedge along one corner of the roof.  Unfortunately, the draping vine allowed a lot of leaves and debris to collect underneath, which attracted a colony of ants.  Some of them stung me as I chopped away at the vine so now I have itchy, painful bumps on the arm.  To go with the soreness that is developing where I got my flu shot this afternoon.

Last night ran around and picked up a lot of the junk that had collected while I was sick.  Consigned a half-bag of stuff to the goodwill pile, too.

Today haven’t done so much.  Worked pretty hard this morning, ran to get the flu shot, then on returning felt suddenly and overwhelmingly tired.  Laid down for  what was supposed to be just a few minutes then woke in the late afternoon.  Sigh.

Time to do some final self-education about local politics before I go vote in the AM.


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