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Chain reaction

  read someone’s post about exercise, which inspired her to work out. 

Then she posted about it, which the guilt trip impetus I needed to get myself to work out today. 

So she’s suggested I should post about working out, to inspire someone else on the path to good health and buff bodies.

I did my time on the treadmill, while watching the last half of Buckaroo Bonzai – I’d forgotten how silly that movie is.  Particularly silly are the costumes, which can’t possibly have been entirely serious even back in the 80’s when that movie was made – could they?   It’s hard to really laugh while trotting along on a treadmill so I settled for sort of smirking at it all. 

Not making great progress on the “to-do” list for the week, in part because I got a call this AM about a meeting where my attendence was apparently essential but somehow notifying me of the meeting got forgotten… to be fair, someone sent me an email sometime Friday but it didn’t seem to go through until nearly too late.  Good thing they called.  Though I’m not at all sure my attendance was all that critical anyway… and it kept me from working on my planned projects for the day.  Sigh.

I was in a much grumpier mood before the workout, though. 


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