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Viruses are getting me down…

I lost a bunch of productivity a few weeks back with a bad cold.

Now my laptop isn’t working right and I’m suspecting a virus.  Though my virus scanner doesn’t seem to be finding anything.

Those who are smarter about this stuff than me:  I have an XP computer, which starts up OK but doesn’t seem willing to connect to my wireless even though it apparently sees it just fine.  Asked to repair the connection, it hangs up on the “disabling wireless adaptor” phase forever, or until I stop the process using task manager.  Asked to shut down, it hangs up on the “Windows is shutting down” message forever.  If I cut power it will restart normally.

Ordinary programs (word processor, etc) seem to be working correctly but a few days back (before any of this started happening) I noticed that the license manager was being wonky.

Tried restoring the system to an earlier date; it didn’t fix the problem. Although, given that it’s not shutting down properly, maybe the restore isn’t actually working. 

Have run a couple of malware programs without finding anything more lethal than a tracking cookie. 

Any thoughts?


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