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To-do list

Things I intend to do this weekend:

  • Go through enormous mail pile and clear it all out (partly done)
  • Work out tomorrow (just did today’s –

    can take note if it pleases her)

  • Scrub cat box (yeah, you all wanted to know that)
  • Work more on thesis paper.
  • Book club with K’s family
  • rake leaves, throw onto beds that need mulch (if I leave it for the lawn guys they’ll end up in the trash)
  • finish edging maple bed (what else do I need from home depot? …muses…)
  • prune more on the vine that ate the world
  • music list for DJ at wedding
  • email mothers of future neices-in-law – did they not receive the flower girl fabric, or did they just not bother to acknowledge receipt?
  • balance checkbook
  • bring load of books to my clinic to be put out in the rooms as bookcrossing ( releases

Also hoping to spend some time with friends tomorrow afternoon.. should keep me busy!


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