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So apparently the Friday before Christmas starts slowly.  It’s 8:20 and my 8 AM patient hasn’t arrived.  Either she forgot she’d made the appointment, or remembered but then decided she had better things to do with a day off.  I can guarantee it wasn’t traffic because I just drove in myself and the roads were lovely and clear.

On call last night, got the usual people who call in the middle of the night because their kid is congested.  I gave sympathy and a promise that if they call before 8:30 this AM I would guarantee to see them in clinic today. I notice that no new appointments have appeared on my schedule, though, which suggests that the problem was not important enough to actually come to the doctor for – which makes me a little irritated that they felt it was important enough to wake me in the middle of the night for…

I went to 5 or 6 different stores looking for a particular goofy gift for K – didn’t find it anywhere.  Eventually gave up and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and saw the perfect item – at Fiesta! And was only 8 bucks so if he hates it, no harm done… we’re not doing a lot with gifts this year, since we’ve been putting our creative energy into this wedding thing instead.  Still need to come up with some vows, though.

My future mother-in-law sent me her list of people to invite to a rehearsal dinner – which was way short of the actual number; she’d left off one of her own sons and his family and their kid is actually in the wedding.  I suspect she’ll be embarrassed at this…

OK, one of my patients has finally showed up – actually, 3 showed up at once so I go from being bored to being behind in the blink of an eye.  TO work!


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