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Google knows EVERYTHING.

Sitting here in my living room, looking up music videos on YouTube.  Because the DJ sent us a list of their 250 most popular songs and I have never heard of a bunch of them.  But, I quite like “She thinks my tractor’s sexy”, as well as a few of the others, so the search is turning out to be fun…

Then there starts this weird thunder-like noise outdoors. K says “I think it’s gonna rain” and the cat climbs to safety (in my lap). 

But the booming continues.  And gets more frequent.  After ten or fifteen minutes, I stick my head outside to see if I can tell what’s going on; the neighbor across the street has done the same, and we confirm we’re both equally ignorant.  By now the booming is near constant.

I don’t see anything and there’s not a lot of point in standing around sock-footed in my front yard.  I do enjoy that it’s comfortable to stand around in my socks outdoors in December; there’s a reason I live here… but I go on back inside.  A few minutes later, the booming doubles or trebles in intensity for a few minutes, then stops.  OK, then, fireworks.

Googling “fireworks december 28 houston” gave me the answer; it was apparently the celebration at the end of the first annual “Texas Bowl”.  OK, I can sleep now that I know that it’s not just someone bombing the Astrodome…


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