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Exercizin’ update

I have been deficient in posting at all, much less keeping up my committment to

to post my exercise habits so she’ll be inspired. 

has been doing a much better job.

A few weeks ago I thought I’d made some breakthrough – able to run for longer stretches of time (sometimes 5 whole minutes on end, ooh-la-la!) and taking on greater challenges as far as speed and incline on the treadmill.  And my workouts with the trainer were going great… then I hit not just a plateau, but a slump.  Starting having major fatigue at those levels of exercise, if I pushed through anyway I just cramped up.  So, backed off a bit, listened to my body, and just tried to maintain status quo.  Last night’s workout seemed to be getting me back on the right track; I was back to seeing noticable improvement on my previous days’ workouts.  Just gotta listen to the body, and someday maybe I’ll actually be able to run a non-embarrassing amount.  Have been good about consistent workouts, anyway… I have not had a week with fewer than 5 workouts since October or so.  Usual workouts are 30-45 minutes, either cardio or weights.  Weight sessions are two days a week, each a 30-minute session with my trainer. 


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