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Odd choices…

We’ve been previewing songs off the “top 250 requested wedding songs” list the DJ gave us.  Lets us veto the ones that are utter schmaltz or otherwise inappropriate…

And maybe I’m crazy, but some of these choices are downright weird for wedding songs:

  • Righteous Brothers – You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling  ??? Not exactly the mood I want to set for a day when I’ve committed to spend my life with someone.
  • John Cougar Mellancamp – Hurts So Good… Even if pain’s your idea of a good time, do you need to advertise it at your wedding?
  • Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
  • Kanye West – Gold Digger… I guess it gives some insight about the motivations for the wedding?
  • Dion & The Belmont – Runaround Sue…… ‘Cause infidelity is a cheery subject on your wedding day
  • Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom …. great song, but not really a romantic sentiment.
  • Creed – With Arms Wide Open… This one had me snickering.  Do people only play that for weddings that take place in a hurry?
  • Garth Brooks – the Dance….  Not that I’m a country fan anyway, but even if you like country this is just wrong for a wedding…
  • James Blunt – You’re Beautiful… anyone who plays this at a wedding has never actually listened to the lyrics closely or watched the video.
  • Luther Vandross – Dance with my Father…. Again, why introduce thoughts of death and grieving into a joyous occasion?

Sigh.  Nothing like a list of what other people like to make me realize we all have different tastes.

By the way, if you want to quickly pull up recordings of songs that you don’t own, without paying a bunch of $$ or downloading questionable software, YouTube is fantastic.  From a list of 250 songs, there were maybe three that I couldn’t find with a quick search for song title and performer.


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