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Idiocy and ignorance…

So have spent my morning accomplishing a few things, each of which required maneuvering through the questions and suggestions of idiots.  Or perhaps just people who are more ignorant than they should be…

First task was filling out timesheets.  We have a protocol where you turn in a sheet that lists the time you were OUT of work.  So if you didn’t take any vacation, sick time, etc, you basically turn in a blank sheet.  It’s also silly because they keep a record of the days I take, anyway – so why the timesheet?

Then went to do a revision of a paper.  Looking over the reviewer comments, I conclude that the reviewer didn’t actually read most of the paper, and also has no idea what he’s talking about.  Examples?  He criticizes us for failing to include a “p value” in the paper… now, the p value is a measure of the statistical significance of a result. The table of results includes a column marked “significance” – which I’ve seen used in hundreds of other publications. He also comments that the odds ratio is not included… this particular analysis used binary logistic regression, which produces a beta value.  You estimate the odds ratio by taking the exponent of the beta value.  That’s typically expressed as exp[B] and sure enough, there’s a nice column in our results table listing this… And so on.  He generates a list of about a dozen things that are “missing” from the paper and of those, all but two things are actually prominently featured in the paper already.

And, he comments that he’d like to see the table results repeated in the text.  Understand the tables are just lists of numbers, but he suggests that those should be listed in a long paragraph somewhere… here, I actually went to check and found that it’s not just me who thinks that is stupid; both AMA and ICJME specifically recommend against this approach…

Then went to prepare some advertisement blurbs to replace our hold music – the clinic gets overloaded with phone calls, leading to excessive hold times.  Many of those calls could be avoided if people would use the web-based utility we launched a few months ago… so I figured that could be pointed out to people who were sitting on hold.  Prepped a couple messages and sent them to the person who controls these things; her response was “do we have to include the www or is it just assumed?”  …. er, there’s no www in the website address.  You may not have noticed this, even though your job involves accessing dozens of organization websites every day, but NONE of our websites contain a http://www.  If you add on a www, the site won’t load.  How have you  been functioning in your job for the past three years?…

I think I need to spend the afternoon on a project that doesn’t require the input of other people…


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