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Stuff and circumstance

I spent the past weekend with my family at Rice Alumni College Weekend.  This is an event where you sign up for a variety of interesting classes, which are presented with interspersed breaks for snacks (or meals), socializing, and general fun.  It’s always a good chance to catch up with Mom and Dad as well as a chance to learn new stuff.  I’ll comment on new stuff I learned in other posts, as this helps keep discussion threads a little more understandable.

Also working on a variety of projects and brainstorming about how to meet various challenges.  Some of those will also stimulate posts, I suspect. 

And will start with a request for advice.  I am looking at a variety of present and future tasks for both me and K.  I notice that many of those tasks involve managing someone else’s work in addition to my own, and recognize that I don’t have a lot of great inspirations about how to do that.  Too often, delegating work to someone else (say, a grad student) is something that ends up taking as much time as energy as it would’ve taken to just do the work myself.  There’s gotta be people who’ve looked at this problem and come up with some concrete suggestions to avoid it.  Can anyone recommend some resource (book, class, etc) on the topic?

Exercizin’ – I’m shamed to say that I haven’t worked out since Wednesday – first time I’ve skipped this long in over a year.  Am planning to do both cardio and weights this afternoon and then will stay on the wagon from there!


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