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TV recs for exercizin’

OK, so I’ve actually been quite good about exercising over the past few months. I do a workout with my trainer twice a week, and average 4 cardio sessions a week.

In order to stay entertained, we (K and I) watch DVDs of TV shows while doing our cardio. Most recently we worked our way through the first couple seasons of the new Doctor Who – unfortunately, that’s gonna run out Real Soon Now as we’re nearly done with second season.  So it’s time to go shopping for other TV.

Good shows have lots of action and humor and aren’t too dialog-intensive, since the combined sounds of a treadmill and an exercycle tend to drown out TV volume… I tolerate some levels of angst but not as much as, say, the last couple seasons of Buffy… perhaps it’s that I want my angst tempered with humor. We have enjoyed Doctor Who, Smallville, earlier seasons of Buffy, some of Angel…  Other than working out, I watch almost no television, so I’m likely to have never seen any of the shows you recommend.

So…  what should I be ordering to watch next? 


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