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Remembering to have a life

I get into a rut… working, school, home maintenance, working out… next thing I know, I haven’t done anything to break the routine for weeks or months. 

So last week, one of my usual Friday night dinner buddies pointed out that Ezra Charles and the Works would be playing a free concert at a park near my home.  I have fond memories of him from college and hadn’t been to any sort of concert in a long time.  So we planned Friday night dinner as a picnic in the park.

It was great.  The weather was wonderful – temperature just right, low humidity and just enough breeze to be pleasant.  The music was good.  The crowd included a lot of families, and the kids were all running around and dancing to the music.  I ate a lot healthier than I usually do on Friday night.  And I remembered how much I’ve missed that sort of ambiance. 

I need to be more proactive about getting out and enjoying all the free or inexpensive cool stuff that Houston has to offer.


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