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Congratulations, Rice class of 2007!

Boy, I feel old.

Went this morning and watched my first freshman group graduate.  It’s been amazing watching these kids grow from eager 17-year-old freshmen to the adult-like graduates that walked across the stage today.  One is headed off to Spain to do an archaeology gig, another is going to be designing software in California, and another will be teaching English in France.  They’re soooo cool!

The day was bright and the sun intense – I’ll be regretting this sunburn tomorrow.  And I didn’t make it to the art car parade, because after several hours of graduation followed by lunch with the celebrants, I was simply to beat to deal with the parade.  Oh well, I’ll see it next year.

Then we went and looked at statues, hoping to find something to put in the garden that Koshka would have liked.  We have planted a little patch of mint (her favorite herb) in her honor, and were thinking we’d put some sort of whimsical statue and some sort of bench by it, so we can sit and enjoy a quiet pretty place and think of her.  We were tempted by the stone lions but decided that while their proud feline posture was appropriate, their faces were just too snobby.  So we’ll keep looking.  Shopping is harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for, you just know you’ll recognize it when you see it.

is responsible for a new addiction:  Girl Genius.  Fortunately, has been willing to be our supplier….

Happy Mom’s day to all y’all Moms out there!


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