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The NYT is really starting to chap me…

The New York Times has a terrible habit of filling out their science news section by dredging out old discoveries, dusting them off, and presenting them as new, late-breaking, exciting discoveries that have the potential to change the world.

Recent examples of this have included

Please understand,  I’m not generally opposed to publishing articles that educate the public about the scientific truths in the world around them.  Frankly, most of us didn’t learn enough science in our primary education, and refreshers throughout life are welcome.

I’m just frustrated by the implication that this is new knowledge. It always makes me expect to see articles such as “Scientists discover things fall because of phenomenon called Gravity!” (… “This will change everything about how we design space ships”, said one NASA spokesperson. “Now that we understand this, you can expect our shuttles to stop exploding”…).  Or, how about “Hospitals revisit protocols in light of newly-discovered germ theory of disease!” or perhaps an article about how the discovery that the world isn’t flat has huge implications for the tourist industry.


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