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Definitely spoiler comment.

Several people have commented that they were upset by the deaths of Lupin and Tonks, as it was unnecessary in the first place and then no one seemed to care.

Actually I was a lot more broken up about Hedwig and Dobby’s deaths than about Lupin and Tonks.  Partly this was because the order the deaths came in.  Partly, I was reacting to having recently lost a beloved pet – so I’m definitely aware that there’s animals who are more important than humans.  Partly this is because Hedwig and Dobby both were innocent creatures who never showed anything but love for Harry. 

Lupin, on the other hand, apparently ignored him for the decade he grew up in an abusive home and wasn’t all that involved with him after the re-acquaintance.  In his youth, he failed to prevent the mauraders from being bullies, whether or not he actively participated. As an adult, he failed to intervene when Sirius was abusive to Snape and to Kreacher.  And his first instinct in response to fatherhood was to cut and run. Overall, not terribly endearing. I mean, surely the wizarding world has some answer to the contraception issue; if fatherhood bothered him all that much, why didn’t he prevent it?

Tonks doesn’t seem to have done anything particularly offensive but she’s a decidedly minor character, obviously put in for entertainment value and not much else.  I could think of dozens of points in the books where her metamorphmagus skills would’ve been useful, but JKR chose to utterly ignore that potential tool in favor of a more Harry-centered plot.  So m’kay, but really one of my chief irritations of the book was Harry’s pathological inability to accept anyone else’s help, so I’m not gonna like this particular author’s perogative.

My strongest feeling about Lupin and Tonks was irritation that there was no further descriptions about the effects of the werewolf infection on a fetus or newborn…


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