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Whatta week

Last week was pretty taxing, what with nursing my husband through a nasty cold.  Then,

One of my dearest friends lost her grandmother last week, and had to endure the grief and the memorial service and so on… I feel I haven’t been nearly available enough for her and her husband, who I also care about a lot.

Another had a breast biopsy last Tuesday, so I spent the afternoon at the hospital hanging out with her and distracting her from the fears.

Another ended up in ER on Friday morning, with chest pain.  He’s out now, fortunately it wasn’t cardiac, but it was certainly disruptive for him, his wife, and his newborn daughter.  Have tried to help him sort things out with only limited success.

Another ended up in the ER Friday night coughing up blood – which bought her several days in ICU and she’s still in hospital…I was able to help out a bit Fri night but haven’t been much help since.

Another has been spending every afternoon at the hospice because her mother’s dying of liver failure – which is a particularly unpleasant way to die and there’s all sorts of unhappy family dynamics making it worse.  About all I’ve been able to do for her is check in by phone periodically, and she’s holding up OK, but I know she’s having a hard time of it.

Another was in town over the weekend because her mother has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is doing very poorly… family stress going on there, too.

Me, I managed to catch a cold midway through this, which has undermined my ability to be as helpful as I otherwise would be.  Not to mention the level of support I could’ve given if things would just happen one at a time.  As it is, I’m a week behind on work and school deadlines and moving more slowly than I’d like.

So… count this as a general apology to all my friends who need my support, if you feel I haven’t been as good a friend as I ought.  I’m aware of it and trying the best I can…


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