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Audiobook recording

I just listened to a decent audiobook version of Anne of Green Gables produced by Librivox recordings. Found it through the iTunes library but was sufficiently curious to go look for the source web page.

And it made me think of

, who has some formal training in audiobook reading and has mentioned trying to do it professionally.

Looks like Librivox publishes readings of works that are no longer under copyright.  Readers volunteer to read and then the site collects donations; half of the donation goes to the reader and the other half to site maintenance.  Strikes me that it would also be a good way to get a portfolio of work out there – the readers generally identify themselves and their website information at the beginning of each chapter.

Not that I’m aiming for that big of a career change, of course, but it was an interesting thought about whether this is actually a way to break into that business…


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