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California hair

Fair warning: This could well be the most shallow, self-absorbed post I’ll ever write.

I just walked past a mirror.  Those of you who know me, know that my hair is a wonky, frizzy, truly Hermione-like (the books, not the movies) disaster. 

Except that today, it’s not.  The frizz is negligible and the hair is entertaining itself with a multitude of crazy shiny cascading curls.  Looks like magazine hair or something.  I’m guessing it’s the lower humidity?  I’m not very mirror-oriented so I’m not really sure if it’s been this good all week.

I’ve always assumed all the beautiful magazine people simply spend hours every day having their hair primped.  But maybe it’s just that they all live in California? 

And for one brief unbelievably shallow moment I considered whether it would be worth moving here so I’d have great hair all the time… then realized I’d probably have to put on makeup so my face would live up to my hair and wouldn’t that be a total pain on a daily basis.

But maybe I’ll put on a spot of makeup for tonight’s conference dinner…

OK,done being shallow now.


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