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Halloween at the Rose Garden Inn

We’re staying at this place in Berkeley called the Rose Garden Inn.  It’s small, more of a bed-and-breakfast, and is very pleasant if you’re OK with rather a lot of twee.  The grounds, while small, are beautifully landscaped with flowers and fountains and quite a lot of those concrete statues that make me think of cemeteries or perhaps Versailles.  Indoors, the furnishings include lots of floral fabrics, dried flower arrangements, and hand-painted wall murals of floral themes. 

Then today, they got started with their Halloween decoration.  So the entryway, already graced with a vine-draped trellis, has been adorned with a large inflatable arch of black fabric topped by a smirking vampire.  The back garden features a leering skull in long, drapy shroud, right next to the statue of some classical-looking woman gathering flowers in a concrete basket.  Indoors, candles and ghosts and cauldrons compete with chintz and scented candles… 

I rather like the effect.  Nightmare before Valentine’s, anyone?


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