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Home again

We were packing up the last of our bags and K went down to drop off something at the front desk.  On the way back he stopped to say hello to a grey kitty sunning herself in the yard.

Grey kitty decided K is nice people and trotted upstairs after him to see where he lived.  We’d left the door ajar, and she let herself right in.  She explored our room with enthusiasm and then decided the bathtub was just the most fascinating place she’d ever seen.  She stepped on and off the rubber bathmat, apparently marvelling at the texture difference between her paws. 

We lingered as long as possible but eventually had to leave. So I told K that I’d herd her outdoors by walking into the bathroom and being scary (presuming she was too wild to enjoy being in a confined place with me).  I walked in and she looked up and gave a chirping “hello” sort of meow, and didn’t show any sign of leaving the room.

I considered just heading out and just reporting her at checkout “Oh, by the way, the tub drains slowly, the toilet clogged up this morning, and there’s a grey cat exploring the bathroom; otherwise the room’s in fine shape”.  But worried they might be mean to her so I picked her up instead.  And found that she must weigh about three times what our little Koshka weighed; I felt I’d hefted a sack of irish potatoes.  It’s possible she’s pregnant but she also has a lot of heft around her shoulders and neck, which presumably wouldn’t be all pregnancy weight.  Anyway, the instant I picked her up she snugged down into my arms and set to purring.  At that point, the new challenge was for K to convince me to put her down rather than trying to somehow smuggle her onboard….

The flight home was otherwise uneventful.  Home feels nice and it’ll be good to sleep in our own bed tonight.


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