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NaDeCluMo… Day 1

Yeah, it’s the 6th, but I just put my parents on the plane so this is the first day I’ve been free to do anything for myself.

Today’s project will involve books, I think.  K went through and pulled out a big pile of books that he didn’t really feel a need to keep.  I will go through those and figure out whether I have a burning desire to keep any of them (probably not) and then get them somewhere OUT OF THE HOUSE… Goodwill, or Half-Price Books, or perhaps BookCrossing releases.  Would be cool to release a huge slew for BookCrossing all at once – maybe a few of them would actually get reported on!

Then I will do an enormous figurative decluttering in my life by contacting my graduate adviser and making an official decision to drop out of the program.  I don’t need the actual PhD, I think, to make me credible on the job market.  I may need some training in other areas – business, and technical subjects.  That training won’t happen by me writing a dissertation that no one will read. 

There’s an LJ feed for a decluttering: [info]unclutterer .  I’ve subscribed in the hopes of ideas and inspiration.  But I have to say; their recent recommendation that I cut off all my hair so I can get rid of all the brushes, product, hair gadgets, etc…. that’s a level of uncluttering that I’m not willing to adopt.  In case anyone was wondering.


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