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NaDeCluMo… report

OK, I was somewhat successful in my stated goal for the day.  I took a large load of books to be “released” as BookCrossing books, leaving only a smallish box of books remaining to be labeled. 

Tomorrow I have clinic but will try to devote a couple hours in the evening to something sedentary but organizational – maybe scanning old documents and shredding the originals.  I don’t really need a hard copy of the expired 1996 home elevation certificate, do I? 

Definitely need to bring the leftover Halloween candy in to clinic to give away to the staff and the kiddies, tomorrow.  Otherwise it’ll all go to waist…

So tomorrow’s goal:  label this remaining box of books for book crossing; scan a couple folders of archived files; get rid of candy.

Oh, and compose that letter to the grad school telling them I’m dropping out.  That’s important.

I did several hours of CME today, though. That was worthwhile.


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