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Introducing…. Judy and Grace

Well, I always knew my husband’s tendency to flirt with other girls would get us in trouble.

In this case, he was out doing the week’s errands and shopping.  And there in the shop window… was Judy. Their eyes met and he felt compelled to go into the store and meet her.  Within minutes, they were in love… gazing into each other’s eyes, with him stroking her soft hair and running a gentle hand over her cheek. 

But K’s an honest fellow, and immediately came home to tell me what happened.  And I love him and want him to be happy – so I agreed to go meet this Judy, and see whether we got along.  Perhaps we could modify our lifestyle, invite her to join our lives. 

Then the plot thickens.  We were there in the store, introducing me to Judy, when I looked up and… our eyes met.  Gracie.  Her slim build, her graceful bones, her intelligent face.  I realized my life could not be complete without Gracie in it. 

So we introduced Judy to Gracie.  They seemed willing to put up with one another in return for the chance to be with their respective beloveds.  Some negotiating took place, and by last night, we had a full household.

 See, PetCo works with a local animal rescue agency and on Saturday mornings, they host animals for adoption.  Judy,  a black shorthair with white bib and paws, was rescued as a kitten; her “foster mother” found her behind a commercial garage and no mother or other kittens were in sight.  Gracie, who is is solid grey in color and has a siamese’s build, appears to have been abandoned at about six months of age.  Both are now around a year old and have lived with volunteer foster families before being put up for adoption – Judy to become used to humans, Gracie to get fed up and healthy. 

  We did a short experiment in the store bathroom, to see whether Gracie and Judy could stand being in the same room as one another.  They seemed to do OK – mostly ignored one another.  And the rescue service brightly informed us that for adult cats, the adoption fee was two-for-the-price-of-one.  And… well…. anyway, now we have two cats.

At home, we’ve found two of the most opposite personalities you can imagine.  Judy has been quite reclusive.  She took hours to even be willing to hop out of her cat box.  Once out, she has hid under furniture and only ventured out to eat or use the box.  She will allow K-=
 to pet her a bit, and can be bribed with treats to come be sociable.  But so far she hasn’t seemed ready to face more than the single bedroom we’ve confined her to.

Gracie… ah, well, Gracie’s another matter.  She spent a few hours exploring the bedroom we’d initially confined her to, and then announced she was ready for more territory.  She’s a perpetual motion machine and tells us loudly about everything she finds; she’s siamese-like in voice as well as shape. And when she gallops through the house I find myself suspecting we actually adopted a herd of elephants.

Anyway, it’s early.  I know we’ll be learning a lot about our two new roommates in the coming days.  No doubt I’ll be one of those people who talk all the time about her cats, for a while.


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