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NaDeCluMo: mid-month report

I’m going slowly.  Hope to correct some of that this weekend.

Because of the new kittehs, many surfaces have now been decluttered.  The process is simple:  Gracie knocks it off the surface, and then I pick it up and put it away somewhere.  Miraculously, nothing has been broken.

I have scanned a bunch of documents and shredded their originals.  This seems worthwhile.

Three large boxes of books have been labeled with bookcrossing IDs and released to the wild.  Two boxes went to my clinic; the other box I set out in the Wiess commons.  We’ll see if we get any bites. 

I have a few items that have some potential value and I don’t think Goodwill would know what to do with them.  For example, I have a late 1960’s model high-end Singer sewing machine with oodles of attachments.  These are all in good working order (as far as I know; haven’t used it since I replaced the thing a couple years ago).  I decided to replace the older machine because it’s complicated – I wanted a machine where I could keep it loaded up with white thread and just turn it on and sew to accomplish some minor repair, rather than making a big production of things.  The older machine lives in one of those elegant sewing tables that looks like nice furniture; I haven’t investigated whether I can install the new one in the older table.  I suppose I should figure out whether I want to get rid of the whole shebang or try to reuse the table and just sell the machine+parts, then figure out a reasonable price and put it up on Craig’s list…

I can’t seem to find any post where I actually mentioned my goals but I want to get enough stuff out of my garage that it is usable as a workshop as well as a place to store cars, and I want to clear enough stuff from the house that I can completely clear my large 7×7 foot bookshelf unit.  This latter goal leads to a cascade of rearranging tasks that leave an entire wall free in one room of the house so I can start doing renovation tasks like cutting up the wall to run updated wiring, and building in shelves and cabinets and closets in various places.  In all my copious free time…


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