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Kitty moments

When Koshka died, I was disappointed to realize that I had very few pictures of her floating around.  So I’ve resolved to be better about snapping shots for these two.  I have a little digital camera on my desk so I can grab it the moment they start to be entertaining  🙂

But sometimes those best moments are things that you can’t photograph because moving would spoil the picture.  When I woke up this morning, I was lying flat on my back with my legs sprawled in a sort of V shape.  And there between my legs, in perfectly parallel poses, were the cats – the little one in the point of the V, the bigger one further out.  Both wrapped in a ball with nose tucked under tail. 

There’ll never be a picture of that moment but it was pretty entertaining. 

I suppose that’s a good reason for journaling… now I’ll be able to remember this in the future…


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