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Cat report

The big cat seems to have a thing for paper.  On at least one occasion she came up and nipped a corner off the page of the book I was reading; piles of articles or mail have a way of getting thoroughly mauled; newspapers are thoroughly exciting events.  Just now she rather efficiently shredded the paper bag in which I collect paper for recycling.  I see I’ll need to start collecting recyling in a non-paper container…

I had a quilt over my lap with the end dragging the floor.  Felt a little tugging and came to realize the little cat had pulled it around and over her to make her own private little cave.  Only one ear is showing.

Problem is, the big cat hasn’t quite gotten past her tendency to assume a moving lump under a quilt (say, feet?) is something to be pounced upon.  So a short discussion ensued…


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